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...I'm Hossein Pouresmaeeli...
In this website, I’m going to introduce the projects that I worked on so far
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Recent Projects I've worked on..

(Papers, Projects, Apps & Games )


A Simple Zoning-Based Method For 3D Object Recognition(2022-November)


3D object recognition becomes more popular due to its applications in many aspects of nowadays technologies from autonomous vehicles to augmented/virtual reality systems. There are a lot of approaches to recognizing 3D objects in the literature and lots of them have surprisingly good results. In this approach, we aim for a simple method for 3D recognition which can be easily implemented. There are two ways to represent a 3D object, point cloud and mesh. Point clouds are simpler and we chose them. In this approach the 3D vertices and faces(mesh) are converted to  point clouds and we investigate the distribution of the points in the 16* 16* 16 spatial areas in these point clouds. A neural network is used to execute the classification of 10 object classes of the ModelNet10 dataset and we achieve an accuracy of up to 84% in our tests without any data augmentation for the deep learning process.



This AI-based app, let the users classify the sounds near them. This can help indistinct people by notifying them that something is happening around them, or it can help people who want to use their headphones but are not sure what’s going on around them. It is based on YAMNet pre-trained network and deployed on Android.
Beehive Math/ Find The Path By Math



In this casual mathematical game, you have to choose a correct path with correct operations and answers through a lot of possible paths which have incorrect ones in just 2 minutes. In designing, first I have built about 1500 different paths with MATLAB as answers for different levels, and then brought them into the Unity game engine, then the scripts fill the paths with random operations and answers, and makes sure that there is a path with the correct answers. It is a funny and addictive game and good for children and adults.

A puzzle game I developed with one of my friends in Unity Game Engine and using C#. Download links are provided below:
A super-hard game, I designed the levels using MATLAB. Also I modeled 3D Objects in this game.

Other Projects I've worked on..
Face Detector
Design and Implementation of an FPGA-Based Face Detection System (click on the picture for more information)
Adaptive Data Hiding in Edge Areas of Image with LSB Substitution Method in a Key-free Pseudorandom Way (2012) (click on the picture for more information)
Plasma Sterilizer
I was in the R&D team of the first plasma sterilizer that have been made in the country. My job was designing the process, designing the device's parts and developing the software for using the device. (click on the picture for more information)
My Skills
After working from 2012 till now I like these brilliant languages and modeling tools most:
I worked with unity from 2019 and designed three games and an application using it.
For designing 3D objects for games or industrial parts I use Autodesk Inventor.